I had an uneven skin tone and a very dry skin. I also have lots of acne scars on my face. It really did bother me so I searched over the internet for safe solutions for my problem. Glutathione seems to help whiten and even the skin tone so I looked for a pill which has the highest potency and safest of them all. I found ThioneMax cream and without a doubt tried it. Immediately after two weeks I noticed my skin lightening and my scars are lightening too, my skin started to have a glow, this products does work I guarantee that. I decided to use this the whole year to get my desired whiteness and smoothness. I believe this will give me a star like complexion. Jim, Antelope, California.


I have been using some other cream and pills but i was getting darker darker and darker but when I saw ThioneMax I ordered 2 bottles caps + 2 bottles cream. I saw results in 3 weeks thank you guyz. ThioneMax rocks! Alicia, Bakersfield- California


Hello, My name is Zuriel from Miami, Florida, and I`ve been using ThioneMax cream now for 3 months. Prior using ThioneMax, I had splotches on my arms and on my legs, from sun exposure. I did try a couple of products but no effect..later I got ThioneMax cream .. After 4 weeks I started noticing spots are blending away and now I don`t see them at all. I feel more confident. I`d definitely recommend ThioneMax to anyone!

Zuriel ,

At first I thought it had little confusion about ThioneMax cream. After researching about its ingredients, I decided to give this product a try. I placed an order of 2 packs. I used them according to instruction. I started noticing bright skin results after a month. I’m pleased with the results and I have placed an order for another pack. Thanks ThioneMax

Loren, UT,